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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Large Crochet Stuffed Unicorn - $35

I had a customer order this unicorn through my Bonanzle store!  I am really excited to make it.  I love making these unicorns and haven't sold one in several months so I am happy to be making another one!  The requested colors for this guy are lime green and bright orange!  My daughter LOVES those colors!

Follow along with me as I share progress photos and if you would like to order your own unicorn just let me know!  I can make them for any occasion to include adding hearts or other motifs for special occasions!

Name Your Colors!


2 Dec 2009 - Ok...  Unicorn is all done!  I went with the gold bow.  It seemed to be the best fit over all the other ribbon I had in my box.  I made a double bow though instead of the normal single bow that I use.  The bow detail didn't show up very well in these photos.  It will show up better when I take the final product photos with the correct lighting.

This unicorn is pending customer approval before I take the final product photos!  What a great project!


2 Dec 2009 - Hooray!  Got the mane done!  Now she needs a haircut and her ribbon accents.  I am going to do a gold trim around the horn and the feet.  Usually these unicorns get a gold bow to top it off but I'm not so sure I want to do a gold bow with this one.  She turned out really cute!  I have a box full of ribbon and will see if I have something different than gold that will look good and if not, I will run up to the craft store and see what I can find there.  Otherwise....  gold it is!


2 Dec 2009 - Only two more steps to go!  Unfortunately the hardest part comes next.  I got the tail sewn on and added eyes and nostrils.  The last two steps are attaching the mane and then the ribbon accents.  The mane is pretty labor intensive.  I am hoping I will have it done tonight but may carry over into the morning.


2 Dec 2009 - All the sewing is done!  The unicorn sits nicely and the appears to be good spacing between the legs and the ears.  Now to give this guy some personality!  It needs a mane, tail, and a face!


2 Dec 2009 - Ok!  Yay!  Got all the legs sewn on.  The next step is to get the horn and the ears sewn on.  Getting there!  The hard part is still to come though.


2 Dec 2009 - Bottom legs are sewn on.  I overstuffed the body and the bottom legs to make sure the unicorn sits nicely without tipping over.  So far so good!  Next is to sew on the top legs.

2 Dec 2009 - I have the muzzle attached to the head now.  Not looking like a melting snowman anymore ;-).  Time to attach the two bottom legs.

2 Dec 2009 - The head is now attached to the body.  Told you it would look like a deformed snowman ;-).  The next step is to stuff the muzzle and attach it to the head.

2 Dec 2009 - Finished stuffing the head.  Now to attach the head to the body.  This is when the unicorn starts looking a bit scary like a deformed snowman ;-)  But never fear! It will be cute in the end!

2 Dec 2009 - Just finished stuffing and sewing up the body.  The next step is to stuff the head and sew it to the body.

1 Dec 2009 - Finished making all the pieces.  I think this little guy is gonna come out cute!  I have some ideas for adding some accents but I need to get it put together first to see how it looks before coming up with to many ideas!