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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Charity Auction - GBM Brain Cancer Fundraiser

*** Due to lack of donations this auction is now closed.  Once the last two winners submit payment, Diane's next check will be sent out.  If we receive some new donations, I will be glad to run Phase 3 for her ***


Current Status as of 1000 am EST 20 June 2010

Cash Donations - $32
Current Bids Worth - $315
Current Earnings - $347

Money Received So Far - $331
Check Sent to Diane for $185 25 May 2010

I have moved the Auction Winner information to the "Auction Winners" Tab at the top of the page. I have added a PayPal DONATE button to the Auction Winner tab for ease of paying for your auction items.  Auction winners please contact me to pay for your items.

More auction items are needed!!!  Please e-mail me if you would like to donate an item towards this great cause!  The auction will continue until we run out of items!

*** NOTE ***
It is my understanding that this may appear to be a scam and I respect those of you who may be skeptical.  These are very valid concerns.  This is not a scam.  Please read Diane's Story for more information.


I have added tabs across the top of my blog page just under the search bar to go to various aspects of this auction.  Tabs I added are:  Current Bidders, Item Donations, Cash Donations, and Diane's Story.

I have added a photo album on my Facebook page to collect all the photos in an easy to view format for everyone to get a better look.  This album is continually being updated as new items are donated.  You can view the album here:


Our friend Erin Grant's mother, Diane Fortin Knepp has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer.  This is the most aggressive form of brain cancer.  Please see Diane's Story.

Erin Grant has been working hard to raise some extra money for her mother's treatments.  Erin has been making GBM Brain Cancer Awareness items and selling them through her store Erin's Jewelry Creations with proceeds going to her mother.

Jody Engelmann of Mojowoman Jewelry and myself, Rebecca Goldsmith of Desert Diamond Crochet would like to help Erin and her mom get the treatment that their family needs to get through this difficult time in their lives.

More auction items will be added soon.  If you would like to donate an item to be auctioned off, please e-mail me at and I will be glad to add your item to this great cause.

How To Bid:
Comment on this post with the following information:
1.  The item you are bidding on
2.  How much your bid is
3.  Who you are ;-)

I will add a page that can be clicked from the menu where I will keep track of the bids and any donations received so that everyone knows that we are serious about this endeavor.

If you do not see anything here that you would like to bid on but would still like to help, donations will gladly be accepted.  You can donate one of two ways.  You can donate to Diane's fund or you can donate to Diane's charity of choice the Chris Elliot fund. The donation buttons are at the top of this page.

Phase 1 of the auction is completed.  Payment for $185 was sent to Diane
Phase 2 - Complete - Payment Pending

A message from Diane's daughter Erin:

"I'm Erin, Diane's daughter.. we would both like to thank everyone who has donated. My mom started her chemo a few weeks ago and is in good spirits, but she still has a while to go. Please continue to donate anything you can so she can get to her appointments to make her better. I am selling awarness bracelets , if you would like to buy one 75% of the sale goes to her, go to
she'll also receive 50% of sales from the jewelry I sell at
and just as the banner above says ... when you donate to this charity, you will receive a custom necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings for only $4."


No Auction Items Currently Available

Let The Bidding Begin!  Good Luck!

To place a bid...  click the comments link right below here. 
It says "Posted by Rebecca at 6:07 PM 28 Comments"  Click the link for "28 Comments" and leave your bid there.  Thank you so much! 

Blogger is having trouble with comments not displaying. They are working to fix this.  I am getting e-mails when people comment.  I am keeping the page current as bids come in so check actual items if you are competing for one to see if you have been outbid.  Hopefully the comment display issue will be fixed soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My blog has been neglected!

My poor poor blog!  I got this nice new fancy template and then haven't touched my blog since!  On a good note though, all my online stores are now all up to date, they all have the same inventory, and I have added shopping carts to my Facebook Fan Page so I can accept orders directly via Facebook.  That was a very cool feature!

Starting next week, I am going to attempt to get my Blog page as close to my online stores as much as possible with creative HTML and anything else I can think of to try to turn my page into an easier browsing experience for my customers and visitors!  Please bare with me as I dust off the cobwebs and get my page set back up the way it should be!