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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Create Crochet Etsy Team Weekly Challenge - August

This week's weekly challenge has 3 categories:

Summer Wrap Up
Intro to Harvest
Peridot (August Birthstone)

Here is my entry for the "Peridot" category

Introducing "Augusto Peridot" - This adorable lion was created for the CreateCrochet Etsy Team Challenge for the category "peridot".

Alexis and I couldn't decide what to make for the August birthstone of Peridot. Alexis is my 12 year old daughter. What she came up with is this cute little fellow that she calls Augusto Peridot! It rhymes, and this guy is a play on the August birthstone and astrological sign. We didn't want to call him "Leo" as that is the name of lots of lions. We gave him Peridot green eyes which is the August birthstone and we accented his mane and tail with some darker shades of green to give him some contrasting colors!

This is a big lion at 17" tall by 13" wide

I can make this lion in any color combo. This color combo was specifically chosen for this challenge.

Here is my entry for the "Summer Wrap Up" category

This adorable sun hat was made for the CreateCrochet Etsy Team Challenge for the category "summer wrap-up"

This adorable hat is made in hot pink with a black band. It is adorned with pink, white, and lavender flowers and a turquoise, green, and hot pink butterfly!

This hat can be made in any color combination and can be made in any size!

Here is my entry for the "Intro To Harvest" category

This adorable wall decoration or door hanging is a great way to bring in the fall harvest season!

This item measures 16" wide and 21" long so this is a good size decoration.

The wagon is done in a nice warm brown. The pumpkins are done in 3 different colors or orange to bring contrast to the harvest and then the entire piece is accented by green vines and leaves.

Each piece of this design is individually made and then each piece is individually sewn together. Please allow 7 - 10 days for me to make this item for you.

This item was made for the CreateCrochet Etsy Team Weekly Challenge for the "Intro To Harvest" category.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Music Interpretation Challenge Entries

I am a new member of the CreateCrochet Etsy Team and I have entered 4 items into the Music Interpretation challenge.

Categories were
Song Interpretation
Musician Interpretation
Band Interpretation
Music Interpretation

Here are pictures of my entries for each item! Voting will being July 25th so please click to vote for my items!

All of these items are available for purchase!  The monster hat is $25, Long Tail Elf Hat is $35, Pumpkin Cocoon $40, and Party Kitty Hats $30.  These items can be customized in any color combos!

Here is my entry for the Song Interpretation.  This is my interpretation of the song "Monster Mash"

Here is my entry for Best Musician Interpretation.  This is my entry for Bette Midler.

Here is my entry for Band Interpretation.  This entry is my interpretation of "The Smashing Pumpkins"

Party Kitty Hats is my entry for the Music Interpretation category.  This is my interpretation of Broadway music ;-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Christmas in July Sale!!

All Holiday items will be 15% off during the month of July.  This includes any items already in the shop or any custom items that I can make for you that will be added to the shop in the future!  Let me hear from you on your Christmas and any other holiday ideas!

I will also add another option to this...  Place your order now, take advantage of the 15% discount and pay later when your order is ready to ship!  This will guarantee you the discount with the option of paying at your convenience!  There is never any obligation to purchase custom orders.  You can change your mind at any time!

Contact me at to discuss your order!  See what I have available now in my ArtFire store!

Please contact me if you would like to delay payment. ArtFire will charge you up front so if you would like to pre-pay use ArtFire, if you would like to order and delay payment, e-mail me ;-)

I look forward to hearing from you!  Merry Christmas in July!!!

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