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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowman Baby Sweater & Hat in Pink

28 Feb 2010

Finished the sweater & hat!!  Going to take it over to Julie Harbert's of Purple Owl Photography a bit later this afternoon for a photo shoot before I ship it out.  Thank you for following along!  If you would like to order your own sweater & hat, e-mail me at


28 Feb 2010

Got the hat finished.  The final step is to embroider on the snowmen detail.

28 Feb 2010

Got the sleeves sewn on and all the loose ends tucked in.  The next and final step for the sweater is to embroider the snowmen details however, before I do that with the sweater I am going to make the hat first and do all the embroidery to both items at the end.


27 Feb 2010

Got the sleeves done.  Now I need to turn everything inside out again, sew the sleeves in place, tuck in all the ends, and turn right-side out.

27 Feb 2010

I went ahead and did the waist band after the collar to save some time and pictures.  Here is the vest with the collar and waistband completed.  There are three steps left to go to complete the sweater.  Sleeves, tuck in all ends, and snowmen details.  I am going to wait to do the snowmen until I have the hat finished so that I can do all the snowmen at one time.


27 Feb 2010

Once the button bands are done, sew the buttons in place and ensure they fasten properly.  This is usually a problem spot for me in projects but I got it in the first try this time!  With the snowflake buttons, I find that the pattern instructions for the button holes is a bit incorrect.  Instead of using only one chain, I use three.  This way the points of the snowflakes don't snag as much on the sweater.  With only a one chain button hole, the snowflake edges get stuck and snag on other parts of the sweater.  Making the button hole slightly larger, helps to significantly reduce this problem.  The next step is the collar.


27 Feb 2010

Once you get the top shoulder seams sewn, turn the sweater right side out again and examine the seams to make sure they are good.  Now we have a cute little snowman vest!  The next step according to the instructions is to do the snowmen detail but I like to save that for the very last step so I am going to skip that part for now.  Next we will make the button bands on the front of the sweater where we will attach the snowflake buttons.


27 Feb 2010

Finished the second front side of the sweater.  The next step is to sew the top of the shoulder seams to the back of the sweater.  This will create a "vest".  I like to do this with the garment inside out.  That creates the seam on the inside of the sweater instead of on the outside.

27 Feb 2010

Finished the back piece.  The next step is to do the second front side piece.

26 Feb 2010

Finished the first front side.  The sweater is coming along nicely!  The next step is to do the back panel.  It is getting late so this is a great stopping point for me tonight.  Check back tomorrow for more progress photos!


26 Feb 2010

Finished the first section of the sweater.  This is the first 18 rows with the snowmen completed.  I am using Red Heart Super Saver "Baby Pink" for the sweater.  The Snowmen are done in puff stitch using TLC Amore "White" for a soft and fluffy effect.  The next step of the sweater is to work one of the front sides.


26 Feb 2010

Began the baby sweater today.  Here is the picture of the first 4 rows.  The next few rows will incorporate the snowmen around the bottom border of the sweater body.  The customer requested the snowman sweater be made in "baby pink" instead of the "ocean" color that I typically use for the sweater.  I can't wait to see how it comes out!  Stay tuned for more photo updates as work progresses!

Hello Everyone!

January & February were really busy times for me making lots of sweetheart baby hats for Valentine's Day photo shoots.  I have been busy since 15 February making lots of Leprechaun hats and diaper covers for St. Patrick's Day photo shoots.  I am doing really well with the leprechaun hats and the orders are definately keeping me busy!

Amongst all the orders for the leprechaun hats, I was lucky to receive an order for a Snowman Hat & Sweater set.  This set is absolutely adorable and she ordered it in pink instead of the multi-color ocean that I typically make these sweaters in.  I have finally caught up on all the leprechaun hats and I am starting the snowman sweater.

Please check back as I am going to make a "progress" blog on the sweater so that everyone can follow along and see what it takes to make one of these items!  The blog will begin tonight when I get home and can start taking pictures!

Follow along with me as I crochet The Snowman Sweater!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Newborn Baby Prince - Cocoon and Crown Set

This set is absolutely adorable!  It is designed by Sandy Powers of Sandy's Cape Cod Originals.  She is such a talented designer!  I just love her patterns!

I made these two cocoons for Julie Harberts of Purple Owl Photography.  She had a photoshoot with twin boys and requested one in blue and one in ivory.  I can make these cocoons in any color!

The crown takes about an hour to make but the cocoon takes about 8 hours to make.  I would like to request that I be allowed 1 week per cocoon set.  I typically complete projects much faster than that but work is keeping me busy through March 2010 so I don't have quite as much time to work on projects as I typically do.  I will most likely have the cocoon done sooner but I would rather ship early than ship late ;-)

Although this set would be perfect for little girls, Sandy has a "Little Princess" cocoon set that is a bit more lacey for the baby girls.  I have not yet made one but if you are interested in that option, I have the pattern.  Just let me know and I can show you the picture of it and you can choose!

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