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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Create Crochet Etsy Team Blog Question

I have not been doing a very good job of keeping my blog page current with all the orders I have been working on and all the business trips I have been sent on so I think today is a good day to make a Blog Post!

Here is a Blog Question from the Create Crochet Etsy Team:

When do you crochet? Morning? Evening? All day long? When is your most creative and/or productive time?

I work full time so during the week I get a few hours to crochet in the evenings.  Usually I crochet from about 6pm until midnight depending on what I am working on and what I have in my queue.  It also depends on if I put the hook down for a little while to spend time with my boyfriend.  Typically I can get 2-4 hours of crochet in a night during the week and still get a decent night sleep.

My most productive time is on weekends.  Friday and Saturday are the two big days that I can get a lot of orders done.  Depending on my backlog, sometimes I stay up all night Friday, sleep until about 10 or 11 on Saturday morning, get up, shower etc... and hit the crochet hooks again about 12 and go until I need sleep.  Sunday I try to slow down just a bit.  It is the only day off I get to spend with my boyfriend so I try to give him some of my time when I can and we go out and run errands and such together, go out to lunch, etc.  I find that I can get some crochet time in when he is watching football ;-)

I love crocheting and find that I look forward to picking up my hook every evening when I get home from work!