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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Everyone!

January & February were really busy times for me making lots of sweetheart baby hats for Valentine's Day photo shoots.  I have been busy since 15 February making lots of Leprechaun hats and diaper covers for St. Patrick's Day photo shoots.  I am doing really well with the leprechaun hats and the orders are definately keeping me busy!

Amongst all the orders for the leprechaun hats, I was lucky to receive an order for a Snowman Hat & Sweater set.  This set is absolutely adorable and she ordered it in pink instead of the multi-color ocean that I typically make these sweaters in.  I have finally caught up on all the leprechaun hats and I am starting the snowman sweater.

Please check back as I am going to make a "progress" blog on the sweater so that everyone can follow along and see what it takes to make one of these items!  The blog will begin tonight when I get home and can start taking pictures!

Follow along with me as I crochet The Snowman Sweater!!!

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