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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Penguin Friend #1 - $25

Custom Colors

Free Shipping! Custom colors always welcome!

Here is an adorable penguin that I made for the craft table.  He is still available for sale and looking for someone to love him!  This is a tall penguin and sits over 1 foot tall!  This guy is just so cute! There is a second penguin that goes with this one that I have not made yet. If you would like to see manufacturer pics of the second penguin, just let me know!

First we started out by making the body

Next we make the beak, eyes, mouth, feet, hat, and scarf

The assembly process begins by sewing the body and stuffing!

Next we sew and stuff the beak and then attach it to the head

Next we sew and stuff the feet and then attach them to the body

Next we sew the eyes on, then tie the scarf around the neck and put the hat on the head!  Vioala!

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