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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Heirloom Baby Blanket - $40


7 October 2009 - Finished the baby blanket for my Etsy customer. These blankets take me about a week to make and I sell them for $40 each. You can order them in any color, just let me know!


5 October 2009 - I am so close to being done. I have 6 rounds to go! If I don't finish tonight, it will definitely be finished tomorrow! I will post new pics as soon as I get it done since I have to ship it off to its new home.

I am adding pictures of the baby blanket I am working on for my Etsy customer. I started the blanket before I created the blog page so it is almost done but wanted to show the pictures of it in work. I have about 10 rounds left to finish and will definitely post pictures of the final product! This is done in powder pink. Had trouble getting the pink to come out in the photo so adjusted the photo color to try to capture the pink color better. This is the 5th one of these blankets I have made. Other colors ordered were pink, blue, and lavender.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful, I love vintage items, especially for babies!

  2. This is a great pattern once you get it figured out! So beautiful when finished. Pictures never do it justice!