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Friday, October 23, 2009

Amara The Unicorn - $20

Custom Color Request

To see an example of the Rainbow colors, click here.

23 Oct 09 - Here is "Amara The Unicorn" in pink for an Etsy customer.  This unicorn takes me about 8 hours total to make start to finish.  I made all the pieces last night (22 Oct 09) and will assemble the unicorn tonight for shipment tomorrow.  I still need to cut the mane and tail but I will do that after I get the pieces sewn together.

This first picture are all the pieces prior to assembly.  The individual pieces are the head, horn, ears, neck, body, and legs.  Just need to sew them all together!

23 Oct 09 - Assembly & Finishing

The first thing I assemble is the head by sewing on the horn, ears, and attaching the head to the neck


Next we attach the neck to the body


Now we need to sew on each of the legs and make sure that the unicorn can stand on its own as well as the legs ability to move.


Next we weave in all the ends and then attach the mane and tail


Next we attach eyes, nostrils, ribbon accents and roses.  Then lastly, she gets a haircut!!




  1. Where did you find this pattern? I know it was a free download on Ravelry, and went to the link and it comes up empty, I would really like to make one of these for my grand daughter.
    Thanks, Connie Stimson
    Decatur, Illinois

    By the way, sorry for my rudeness, you did a really good job, your client is going to love this unicorn.

  2. Yes, Katrina Wogoman's website has disappeared. I am working on getting you the pattern right now ;-)

  3. I have also been looking for the same pattern as anonymous above (Amara the unicorn) pattern and please help me out too i even googled it and found none except the dead link..

    By the way you did a very good job judging from your pic.